Overview Edit

Augmenting allows you to increase the level of and strengthen a piece of Gear by combining it with other Gear you don't need. The Gear you wish to upgrade is considered the Base Gear. The sacrificial Gear is the Material used. Gear used as Augmentation material will be consumed and cannot be recovered. The amount of gold required to perform augmentations increases with the level of the base item you want to augment

If your Base item has a Gear Skill, there is a chance to level up that skill through Augmentation. The chance is dependent on which items are used as materials. Certain Augmentation Materials give extra EXP compared to other Gear as well as give a higher chance of skill level increases. Different rarities for Augmentation Materials give different amounts of EXP.

Obtaining Edit

Augmenting materials can be obtained through different ways:

Quest Information

Augmenting Quest

A quest available in the "Event" quest menu at certain intervals of the day. Players can choose from four different difficulties to acquire Augmenting materials.

SUPER Augment Quest

A quest available only on Saturdays and Sundays for approximately 20 minutes. Players spend 30 AP to go on a single dungeon run where they can acquire more potent augment materials.

SUPER Gold Quest

A quest available only on Saturdays and Sundays for approximately 20 minutes. Players spend 30 AP to go on a single dungeon run where they can acquire Gold Limimins.
Rare Monster (!!) Players have a small chance to run into Augment Material monsters during Main Story quests.
Missions Some missions can give out multiple augmenting materials as reward.
Time Bonus Rewards If a player finishes a dungeon within the allotted time, a "Limimin" may appear from the treasure chest at the end.
Medal Exchange Medal earned from events such as Guild Battle, Colosseum can be used to exchange for augmenting materials.

Augmenting Materials & MonstersEdit

Augmenting materials can come in many forms. Some are in form of a "Limimin", and others resemble specific gear pieces.

Augmenting Materials found ingame:

Rarity EXP Weapon Gear EXP Head Gear EXP Body Gear
Rarity-R Icon Gear-Silver Sword Icon Silver Sword Gear-Silver Helm Icon Silver Helm Gear-Silver Mail Icon Silver Mail
Rarity-SR Icon Gear-Gold Sword Icon Gold Sword Gear-Golden Helm Icon Golden Helm Gear-Golden Mail Icon Golden Mail
Rarity-SSR Icon Gear-Platinum Sword Icon Platinum Sword Gear-Platinum Helm Icon Platinum Helm Gear-Platinum Mail Icon Platinum Mail
Rarity EXP Monster Gear Gold Monster Gear Skill Monster Gear
Rarity-R Icon Gear-EXP Limimin Icon EXP Limimin Gear-Gold Limimin Icon Gold Limimin Gear-Skill Limimin Icon Skill Limimin
Rarity-SR Icon Gear-Big EXP Limimin Icon Big EXP Limimin Gear-Big Gold Limimin Icon Big Gold Limimin Gear-Big Skill Limimin Icon Big Skill Limimin
Rarity-SSR Icon Gear-EXP Limimin King Icon EXP Limimin King Gear-Gold Limimin King Icon Gold Limimin King Gear-Skill Limimin King Icon Skill Limimin King

Any gear piece with a skill has a chance to increase the level of a gear skill. The chance depends on the rarity of the gear piece and the present level of the gear skill. The Skill Limimins give a higher chance than other gear pieces of the same rarity.

Augmentation Material Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5
Gear-Skill Limimin Icon Skill Limimin 20% 20% 10% 5% -
Gear-Big Skill Limimin Icon Big Skill Limimin 50% 50% 20% 10% -
Gear-Skill Limimin King Icon Skill Limimin King 100% 100% 50% 25% -
Rarity R Gear with a Gear Skill Icon Skill 10% 5% 2% 1% -
Rarity SR Gear with a Gear Skill Icon Skill 25% 15% 5% 1% -
Rarity SSR Gear with a Gear Skill Icon Skill 50% 25% 15% 5% -

Augmenting Pluses (+'s)Edit


This +198 Alice has reached its maximum plusses with +99 on ATK/MATK, which in turn adds 495 value to each stat.

Some equipment might possess a white +(number) on their icon indicating their plus number and each plus point represents 5 extra points in the equipment's stats.

The maximum amount of pluses an equipment can have is +198, which equals extra 990 extra points in stats before passive bonuses.

When equipment with plus point(s) is used as augmenting material, the number of plus is added to the base equipment.

Example: A base sword at +8 after being augmented with a staff at +10 will result in a +18 sword.

The bonus of pluses are divided evenly among the 2 stats of the equipment, thus each stat can only receive up to 99 plus points. You can see how many plus each stat of an equipment has by long tapping on its icon and check the +number in red box above the respective stat.

Gear Stats Edit

When inspecting gear, you may notice the Gear's stats cycle through 3 colors: White, Yellow and Green.

  1. White: Base stats
    • This number represents the Gear's Total Stats at it's current level (Including stats gained from Yellow and Green).
  2. Yellow: Passive Trait Stats
    • This number represents the stats gained from certain Class traits. (ie: Soldier's "Helm UP" trait ability increases helm Def by 3%)
  3. Green: Bonus Stats
    • This number represents bonus stats gained from Pluses on Gear. Can be increased via Augment by using other gear with Pluses as material.

Tips & Extra Notes Edit

- When augmenting +'s, try to gather them and augment them all in one go. It will save you a decent amount of gold; a little bit of saving will net you benefits in the future.

- Exercise caution once one stat has reached the +99 cap.

  • ie: If the +Top has been maxed at +99, any further augments using a +Top gear will be lost. At this point, try to only use +Bottom Gear.

- Plusses carry over through reforging and infusion.

- Gear has a chance to spawn with a + value.

- Plusses on gear can be transferred via Augment.

  • As Plusses are Slot Specific and not Stat specific, Its possible to transfer a Sword's bonus Atk/Matk stats to a Helm for Bonus Def/MDef stats.

- Hold onto your Skill Limimins and augment them at once. Each Skill Limimin stacks the percentage of success for every one you have. Be smart!!

- If possible, try to match the type of augmenting material to the type of gear being augmented. They will give extra exp. (Ex: "Silver Helm" augmented into a headgear.)

- Never augment Gold Limimins! Though they look similar to the usual augmenting materials, they are specifically for selling. Rack up all that gold to augment your equipment.