Gear-Battle Valkyrie Icon Battle Valkyrie

Gear-Battle Valkyrie Render

Rarity: Rarity-UR Icon Ultra Rare
Element: Element-Light 001 Icon Light
Cost: 25
Reforge: Reforge Gear Icon 002 Reforge Gear Icon 002
Hidden: Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002 Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002 Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002 Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002
Type: Gear-Monster Type Icon Monster
Basic: 1
Max: 70
Potential: 100
Stats: Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF
Basic: 643 643
Max: 2915 2915
Potential x4: 3003 3003
With +99: 3498 3498
Max Unison Chance: 6996
With Class & Shared Traits: Class-Soldier Icon Class-Lancer Icon Class-Archer Icon Class-Mage Icon Class-Cleric Icon Class-Rook Icon Class-Berserker Icon Class-Treasure Hunter Icon
Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK 4092 4092 4092 4197 4197 4092 4092 4092
Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF 4092 4092 4092 4092 4092 4092 4092 4092
Element-Elemental Attack Icon Elemental Attack
Element-Fire 001 Icon Element-Water 001 Icon Element-Wind 001 Icon Element-Light 001 Icon Element-Dark 001 Icon Element-Time 001 Icon Element-Star 001 Icon
0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Class and Shared Traits Stats do not apply towards Max Unison Chance Stats.


One day, the world changed drastically. Grotesque creatures appeared bringing about a massive battle. This first angel whose assignment was to bring the dead back into the world abandoned her post to join the fight. Once the battle was over, she became one with the Ether and fell asleep to prepare for the next battle.

 Rune of Victory

Increases stats of all allies by 20% for 120 seconds.
Added effect: Ability Power 50. Heals HP of all allies.
Level bonus: Effect boosted by 5% for each increase in Skill level.

Hidden Potential:

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 1. MATK Up 2000

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 2. Light Defense from Unison Damage + 40

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 3. Curse Resistance +10

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 4. DEF Up 2000

How to Obtain: Reforge
Reforge Path:
Reforged From: Gear-Valkyrie Icon Valkyrie
Reforges Into: N/A
Reforge Requirements for Battle Valkyrie:

Gear-Light Keymin Icon Light Keymin x2, Gear-Yellow Passa King Icon Yellow Passa King x3

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Battle AutophrasesEdit

Battle Start
  • Forward! (Miku Collaboration Magical Mirai 2016)

  • Well Fought! (Miku Collaboration Magical Mirai 2016)

Less than 30% HP
  • The Show's Not Done Yet! (Miku Collaboration Magical Mirai 2016)



  • It is one of the few Monsters that has their own Autophrases in the game.
  • According to the ♂ & ♀ Monster Spawns, Battle Valkyrie's gender is ♀.
  • Battle Valkyrie appears beside Gear-Filo Icon Filo.