• Brutis1455

    I need gelp

    November 24, 2018 by Brutis1455

    Hey  My tablet was destroyed by a 4 year old and i lost my ul so i backed it up before that and I signed it into my ateamID and hit authorise app it opens up the app loads and prompts me to either continue or start a new I hit continue ,autherize app it opens again and does the same thing over and over I'm begging you tell me how to fix it please

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  • BigBioZeke27


    November 19, 2018 by BigBioZeke27

    Hey!! My name is Isaiah, and I am at a pretty good place. I am at 185k+ gear score and I am still growing. I am a lancer, and I want to help other lancers.

    Lancers are not a pure dps class. I know you are probably confused. If you are an Archer, than you have the Pure Dps class. Lancers are for breaking!!(That doesn't mean you need to have low attack.) Other classes can break, but Lancers are the main class for it. My highest stat is attack, but my moves are for breaking.

    When you start, save your gems. The first spawn you should do is the 3 or 9 gem spawn. The beginner one. That gives you some SR's or SSR's if your lucky. If you want a real head start, do either the 30 gem, 1 Ur spawn, or do a treasure spawn. Next thing to do is to try and …

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  • DeviousSprite

    To Do List

    September 25, 2018 by DeviousSprite
    • Change and add reforge symbols to gear
    • Add missing elements to gear
    • Add missing cosmetics from the Cosmetic Shop as soon as they come back
    • Add Missing MIKU EXPO gears (excluding monsters)
    • Change skill description to new format

    • Add MIKU EXPO, Summer, and Halloween furniture to encyclopedia list
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  • Mckrongs

    Last updated: February 8, 2019

    Sometimes, a good unison clash can just be overinflated cost monsters, regardless of their skills.

    Welcome to WatchMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Monster gear with the highest Max Unison Chance score. Before we begin, we edit articles everyday so be sure to follow for more great content. For this list, we're looking at Monster Gear that have the highest Max Unison chance during clash.

    Bear in mind, we will only be looking at monsters that were released in the Global version of Unison League that have high values, so Monsters that have useful skills or Monsters that are exclusive to the Japanese version of Unison League will not be included for the first list. We'll have the second …

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  • Mekakuboy

    We are inviting all Former Indonesian Unison Players to come and join Our Guild "Morons"

    *the text below is using "Bahasa Indonesia" language*

    Memang terdengar aneh, dan mengapa, tetapi kami ingin membangkitkan guild lama kami yang sempat berjaya di server Indonesia (Top 10), tetapi karena ada anggota guild kami yang keluar dari suatu season guild war, beberapa member berpindah tempat ke guild lain. 

    Kami ingin merasakan kejayaan kami kembali, walau mungkin susah untuk diraih, tetapi kami berharap untuk saling membantu sesama dan mengajari sesama dalam UL ini.Saat ini guild kami sedang mengalami kesusahaan dikarenakan kekurangan pengetahuan tentang UL versi luar negri, dibandingkan server Indonesia.

    Berikut beberapa memori indah kami saat di m…

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  • Cappycot

    So I'm assuming you've gone through your rooted Android or Nox emulator and found the assets for Unison League, and you've probably noted that audio files are now in a peculiar ".ckb" format.

    The ".ckb" extension is a type of compressed audio created by Cricket in an attempt to reduce the storage space used by UL. (Notably Unison League can be found in this list of customers.)

    So how to get audio files out of UL easily? First, get your ".ckb" files in your computer.

    Then download the Cricket programs to compress/decompress audio files. You'll have to create a free account to download this zip file. When you extract it, track down the "bin" folder. These folders will contain the programs you'll need to decompress the ".ckb" files you have.

    At t…

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  • HoshiyamaKira


    Here would be tips for Beginners

    > When you start off, be sure to finish all the objective, daily, weekly mission & etc.

    1. This will allow you to have a flow of Gems, needed for powerful Gear spawns

    2. It would also allow you to have an acceptable of Gold daily too

    > Save up on cost and do not randomly distribute it to your various areas

    1. I had experienced this hiccup before, and had to save up more cost so that i could equip a higher tier Gear

    > Equip various Gears to your slots for better stats

    1. This allows you to have highers ATK, MATK, DEF & MDEF

    2. You can also be able to have many Skills that will allow you to be more efficient in battle.

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  • Unison fred

    My unison username is simply Fred please join

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  • DrummerAJ

    Wanna Be Archer?

    May 20, 2017 by DrummerAJ

    If you are a crystal breaker Archer for GB, this setup is perfect:

    • Ether Exchange
    • Wind of Courage
    • Deadly Aberbsque
    • Quarser Waltz
    • Attack/Special Ability

    If you are not yet a sniper, this is enough:

    • Ether Exchange
    • Wind of Courage
    • Imaginary Shot
    • Lethal Strikes
    • Attack

    Pretty much explained, Wind of Courage and powerful attacks are good.

    Try to make your ATK and MATK as strong as possible as a crystal breaker.

    Try to equip Defense gear that will chance to boost your attack stats. Like Fatat Testement.

    If you are in for the main fight, Most strong guilds use:

    • Ether Exchange/Cheer
    • Dissonance
    • Guard/Other Support/Extra Attack
    • Deadly Aberbsque 


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  • Robocreeper1

    cleric help

    April 14, 2017 by Robocreeper1

    Im going to be starting a help blog on how to make a good build for a cleric class The reason being for this is because alot of people need a cleric in there guild or something to help with guild battles or raids or well just in general becasue alot dont pick or the people that do dont know bhow to use them.

    If you find me just say hi 

    usernames: Robocreeper,Alexandrite

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  • Deadweeb

    Needed information

    December 18, 2016 by Deadweeb

    Kirin, Beast of Yule?-

    I'd like to add Christmas Kirin into the wiki so all of you could get more information about him. The one problem I'm having is he's nearly impossible get, and I've only met one person with him, and I didn't have time to ask him about it. If anyone has images or information on him, please feel free to share it

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  • Mckrongs

    Poll Results Archive

    September 19, 2016 by Mckrongs

    Poll Question: What class do you use most?

    Option Votes
    Lancer! 1066
    Soldier! 788
    Archer! 687
    Mage! 1131
    Cleric! 671
    Total 4343

    Poll Question: Who is your favorite Athena?

    Option Votes
    Athena, Fire of Grace 6
    Athena, Water of Grace 7
    Athena, Wind of Grace 23
    Athena, Light of Grace 7
    Athena, Dark Grace 17
    Total 60

    Poll Question: Which Collaboration character did you choose for the Hatsune Miku Reward Campaign?

    Option Votes
    Kagamine Rin 11
    Kagamine Len 12
    Hatsune Miku 15
    Hatsune Miku x Filo 12
    Megurine Luka 32
    Total 82

    Poll Question: Which is your favorite Element Rush Monster?

    Option Votes
    Apollo, Sun Incarnate 234
    Frozen Dragon Avsaris 119
    Wonderful Alice 246
    Sun God, Amaterasu 260
    Twilight Nyx 694
    Total 1543

    Poll Question: Which is your favorit…

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  • Roadkiller3


    July 28, 2016 by Roadkiller3
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  • Unisonwolf

    my name is kirito and i play unison league if you want to be my freind here is my id 2055480992 and my second one is 2114589468 and one more  2001356864. the first kirito is a girl aka not so good second good third good first is a freind .

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  • Unisonwolf

    Guild joining

    May 8, 2016 by Unisonwolf

    Guilds are were you join people around the world and do guild battles were you fight other can level up your crystal so it will be more powerful and can last more hits. join the strongest guild you can find or make one from scratch.                                      

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  • Unisonwolf

    When you do agument use all the   exp. items and not gold because it gives less exp. When you agument you should do gear instead of weapons so you have a better defense. Save up cost so you can equip super rare items.

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  • UL-Top10

    Apollo has Macro Chats. But you'd never seen them. Some monsters have macro chats. Here it is...

    BATTLE STARTED: Apollo says: "Ready to be blinded by awesomeness?"

    DEFEATED: Apollo screams loudly saying: "THE SUN S-SHALL RISE... AGAIN!"

    LESS THAN 30% HP OR ALMOST LOSING: Apollo says wise: "I'm not.. DONE YET!"

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  • UL-Top10

    TOP 10 UL Armors

    April 6, 2016 by UL-Top10

    1. Garb of the Underlord.

    It is a garb. That is common to a underlord named Hades. Hades is a greek god. It has a texture of.. Color: Blue,Yellow,Dark Pink, (and more...)

    2. True Demon King Tuxedo.

    It is a huge armor, but also has a strong defense and Attack. It has a texture to its self. It looks like a element of Dark armor. It is also the greatest one of All demon clothes! But first of all.. It has special dark red wings. Also, it has its feature as a almost dark black.

    3. Shinatobe's Rainment.

    Shinatobe is a monster. But it has a different thing about it. Comparing to the rainment, or Shinatobe the Wind Empress. It has a different value of its power. Its Attack and Mega Attack. And Shinatobe is weak then the rainment. Shinatobe Rainments ar…

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  • Lavshire

    Item Descriptions

    March 27, 2016 by Lavshire

    A bit late but what will we do with the item descriptions?

    I know Mckrongs said to leave them there for now, but other entries will forever remain unfinished unless by some miracle, Ateam (or its admins) provides us with the information they removed. Is there any way to ask? ;; I really miss those descriptions and hopefully I'm not the only one who does.

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  • Yuki Snowman

    I do understand that we have a FAQ on adding +'s but it really doesn't go into depth or say much about what +'s do. 

    "Put +'s on your gears to enhance their stats!" FAQ Unison League Wikia 

    +'s like what it says in the FAQ, ehances your gear stats. Each + adds 5 more "stat points"(No clue what it is called) to your gear. Each piece of Gear can have up too  +198, meaning the two stats have +99.

    Next part How To Add +'s! 

    So this may or may not get confusing because I don't have any visual, but I think you'll get it.  If not just comment below or on my message board. 

    Step 1:Getting your +'s: Normally most +'s will come from drops in most quests, but I mostly get my +'s from the FPs. Spawn there or go questing for +'s. Anyways! +'s come attached …

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  • ZekkenV

    Hello im ZekkenV. My UL ign is Saber66. I am currently a lvl 87 archdragoon with a gearscore of 110693. I really like contributing to the wiki because UL is one of my favorite games. If you want u can friend me :P 2003472693. My current guild is SRank.

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  • SerenRyuu

    Mobius Corridor (?)

    January 23, 2016 by SerenRyuu

    Japan has an event right now called the Mobius Corridor.

    Looks pretty cool. Hope that it might go global.

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  • 777lemon

    this is so ugly, if i wanted capitals i would have done it myself thanks

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  • LuanZwhite

    A good game

    December 11, 2015 by LuanZwhite

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  • Yuki Snowman

    Classes and Cost

    December 8, 2015 by Yuki Snowman

    Here are some tips that I hope are helpful to you for when adding or redoing cost. Also if you plan to switch classes to work on different ones.

    Lancer: For Lancer, you're cost should be mostly based on you're atk. Most lancer after hitting 90 have all slots filled with UR lances or swords. I recommend for Lancers: 6,2,2,6. 6 weapons, 2 armors, 2 helms, and 6 monsters. If you're planning to switch classes, the best class to switch to is Archer.

    Solider(My Personal Favorite): For Solider, you're cost based on def. Normally I wouldn't recommend this unless you have a lot of water monsters. Cost:(For UR Water) 3,5,5,6 Cost:(Without) 3,6,6,5 If you plan on switching classes I suggest going Cleric, but if you have left over cost put it into…

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  • Brickfoot7

    Advanced Lancer Guide

    November 11, 2015 by Brickfoot7

    Work in progress

    Legend for Abbreviations:

    CD = Cooldown

    DPS = Damage per second

    CE = Cost Efficiency

    *Abilities damage is calculated with passive bonuses as well as combo bonuses. The Score is a value calculated with DPS and cost efficiency in mind with a heavier weight on abilities with low cooldowns.

    class="wikitable" align="center" width="100%" style="text-align:center; background-color:#ffffff; color: #000000;"

    - ! width="50px" style="background-color: #1F6096; color: #ffffff;" Icon ! width="50px" style="background-color: #1F6096; color: #ffffff;" Name ! width="50px" style="background-color: #1F6096; color: #ffffff;" Damage ! width="50px" style="background-color: #1F6096; color: #ffffff;" W/ Combo ! width="50px" style="background-color: #1F6…

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  • Mckrongs

    Class Guide Example

    October 7, 2015 by Mckrongs

    This is a blog post. Users can add their guides onto corresponding Class Guide pages by creating a blog post and adding "Class Name Guides" (e.g. ') as a category. This will allow the Users' guides to be included here.

    Note: Guides with inappropriate/hateful content, incorrect category, may subject to the deletion of their guide.

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  • Ryder.yon
    So I wanted to start this off with some of my favorite monsters, something simple, and then go into my slight rant about spawns. Especially when they include Eventmon.
    Anyways I will go ahead and just list the mon. I like :)

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  • Ryder.yon

    The Yonification

    July 23, 2015 by Ryder.yon

    So I am not totally sure what this blog will about, if I post anything at all. Possibly this will be a dilly-dally kinda thing where I may share random UL gaming screenshots and what not. Prepare for the Yonification.

    [[File:Gear-Karmic_Firedrake_Ignis_Icon.png|thumb|left|One of my Favorite Monsters

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  • RiceMochi

    Now clerics have the main role of... you guessed it... healing but that doesn't mean you can't protect yourself.

    Heal and Run!

    Area Heal - Greater Healing - Cure - Recover

    Info: Heal and swap out ASAP or... Heal, heal, heal, oh shit I'm out of cost!

    The Annoying Healer [works better with Paladin]

    Mirror Guard - Barrier - Area Heal - Cure

    Info: This one needs a lot of planning and strategic work. Casting mirror guard at the start of battle will result in not being able to heal in emergency situations from the start. But a good player knows... sometimes sacrificing others to keep your stronger combatants alive is a smarter choice. 

    That Darn...

    Judgment - Area Heal - Greater Healing - Heaven's Breath

    Info: Judgment is pretty straightfoward but I'll ex…

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  • RiceMochi

    As a cleric, your sole duty is to keep others alive. You are selfless and the control tower for support. Don't think about doing damage - when the time comes for healing, you might be out of cost.


    Skill-set for Bossing/Friend Quest

    Support = Heaven's Breath/Barrier/Area Refresh

    Heals = 1) Cure - 2) Recover - 3) Area Heal

    Explanation: Heaven's Breath is really to give you an edge in endurance and higher level bosses. The thing with heaven's breath is that it acts as a mini-heal and does not require frequent re-cast.

    Barrier is an option that you could do but it's more for party play as opposed to reducing chances of critical condition or death. 

    Area Refresh is situational since you won't be using this often. Debuffs like confusion - blind - u…

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  • RiceMochi

    Third path: Bishop

    Judgment: Cooldown [25 seconds] - Cost [18]  --- Ability Power 70. Damages 1 enemy and its adjacent enemies with magic damage. Chance to hit 1-3 times. Added effect: 20% to prohibit Unison for 20 seconds.

    Questing: 2/5 - Guild Battle5/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: It's good for guild battle purposes since blocking the enemy guild's unison pretty much helps in practically any situation - but timing is the key to launching this skill. Damage vs Cooldown -> PVE it's just a no.


    Mass Refresh: Cooldown [30 seconds] - Cost [15]  --- Removes status ailments from all allies.

    Questing: 3/5 - Guild Battle0/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: That 10 second difference between this and …

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  • RiceMochi

    Second path: Priest

    Heaven's Judgment: Cooldown [7 seconds] - Cost [10]  --- Ability Power 100. damages 1 enemy with magic damage. Added effect: 20% chance to blind target for 20 seconds.

    Questing: 3/5 - Guild Battle: 3/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: As far as damage goes, it's decent but that's not gave it a 3 -> the chance to blind gives it some use. Honestly speaking: if you want to do augment or keymin -> you're better off learning 1-3 AOE from the mage tree and you are set.


    Area Refresh: Cooldown [20 seconds] - Cost [10]  --- Removes status ailments from 1 ally and its adjacent allies.

    Questing: 5/5 - Guild Battle0/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: This will be the one you will be using du…

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  • RiceMochi

    First path: Cleric

    Mend: Cooldown [10 seconds] - Cost [7]  --- Heals all allies for 5% of their maximum HP.

    Questing: 1/5 - Guild Battle: 0/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: As you get higher, you will not use this since the AP-based abilities offer a boost from books and passives. It's good if you want a starting AOE heal but completely not worth it for the cost and cooldown.


    HealCooldown [5 seconds] - Cost [10]  --- Ability Power 40. Heals 1 ally's HP.

    Questing: 2/5 - Guild Battle: 0/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: Better heals coming your way as you progress.


    RefreshCooldown [10 seconds] - Cost [5]  --- Removes status ailments from 1 ally.

    Questing: 0/5 - Guild Battle: 0/5 Augment: 0/5…

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  • RiceMochi


    June 3, 2015 by RiceMochi

    Clerics - aka "the life of a party" - are vital to any battle. They can be a secondary tank or a great match-up for "any" class. Their versatility to switch from an annoying healer that keeps their team's HP up to an invincible tank who reflects and heals anything.

    The 2 stat builds you can do as a cleric are - 1 being a 'summoner' - 2 being a 'monk'. Both of these will balance out end-game but summoners would most likely have higher burst healing due to higher magic from monsters and an even spread between books, armor, and helmet.

    Controversy: "Combat Clerics" are they viable?

    Answer is No. True they have judgment and added effects for blind and unison prohibition but their skill slots are better used for support and increasing their enduran…

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  • RiceMochi

    Tips and Advice

    June 3, 2015 by RiceMochi

    Hey guys! Mochi here again~ I've been getting frequent asks in-game about lotsa stuff... so instead of a FAQ - I thought it might be easier to just list things that will help y'all - ENJOY :)!

    NOTE: these are really "suggested" tips from me personally - if you have a better system that you follow - by all means! This is by no means a 'bible' - it's just a basic guideline for starting players :).

    Equipment Cost Allocation

    1. Cost is obtained through Quest Reward - Leveling - and Achievements! [Every 5 levels = 1 bonus cost to ALL equipment] [Every 10 levels = 2 bonus cost]
    2. Do not rush cost just for the new equipment slot! - remember... you need 125 at most for 5 UR into 1 equipment type. Going over won't do you any good.
    3. Putting in cost for equipme…
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  • RiceMochi

    I've explained this on the main page for mages and it really depends on how your guild is overall.

    Crystal Demolition Unit!

    Meteor Strike - Photon Crush - Photon Strike/Lethal Strikes - Ether Exchange

    Info: Really straightforward build

    Main Strike Force

    Mind Hack - Mind Trick - Photon Crush - Heaven's Breath

    Info: First things first - being the nuker in your strike force is going to make you the most targetted person in your guild. They will come at your relentlessly... one after another... That's where Heaven's Breath is here to save the day.

    Mind hack and mind trick -> confuse the enemy - oh what fun it is to troll people.

    Photon Crush -> Okay the debate between meteor strike OR photon crush. Now I say photon crush here because of the cooldown. …

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  • RiceMochi

    One thing I want to mention is: your sole duty is to deal damage - not heal others... only in dire situations would you do so. If we healed more than we attacked, what use is the healer in your party?


    Skill-set for Bossing

    Support = Heaven's Breath 

    Damage = 1) Meteor Strike - 2) Lethal Strikes/Photon Crush - 3) Photon Crush/Strike

    Explanation: Meteor strike is really your slap in the face skill but your supplementary skills are just as important - here's why!

    - Lethal Strikes is an awesome skill and shares the same trait as Meteor Strike - but instead of a chance to hit multiple times, it has a chance to miss! which really is a downer. 

    - Double Photon is your safest bet to any boss battle, you won't miss nor would you have to deal with a lo…

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  • RiceMochi

    Third path:  High Sorceror


    Photon Crush: Cooldown [7 seconds] - Cost [12]  --- Ability Power 130. Damages 1 enemy with magic damage.

    Questing: 4/5 - Guild Battle: 5/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: Final photon skill and it offers 130 damage modifier... not bad but you're forgetting that we unlocked a passive from the sorceror tree~ If you equip a staff which you should be doing anyway... it's really 140.


    Mystic Mastery: Cooldown [35 seconds] - Cost [20]  --- Increases the MATK of all allies by 20% for 60 seconds.

    Questing: 0/5 - Guild Battle: 0/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: Okay now it has a little bit of a use but again... unison - end of story.


    Ether Flare: Cooldown [9 seconds] - Cost …

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  • RiceMochi

    Second path: Sorceror


    Photon Strike: Cooldown [6 seconds] - Cost [11]  --- Ability Power 120. Damages 1 enemy with magic damage.

    Questing: 3/5 - Guild Battle: 3/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: Decent damage but not the best.


    Mystic Aura: Cooldown [25 seconds] - Cost [15]  --- Increases the MATK of all allies by 10% for 60 seconds.

    Questing: 0/5 - Guild Battle: 0/5 Augment: 0/5 - Keymin Reforge: 0/5

    Mochi's Opinion: NO JUST NO - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!


    Ether Eruption: Cooldown [8 seconds] - Cost [15]  --- Ability Power 80. Damages 1 enemy and its adjacent enemies with magic damage.

    Combo effect: When used after concentrate, Ability Power increased to 110.

    Questing: 1/5 - Guild Battle: 1/5 Augment: 3/5 - Keym…

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  • RiceMochi


    June 2, 2015 by RiceMochi

    Mages in a general sense are considered the glass cannons of the game. Every single skill you have in your arsenal is absolute - one wrong move and you are toast... meaning gem revival which really sucks.

    Now there are 2 "stat" builds you can do with a mage - 1 being an absolute glass cannon - 2 being a well-rounded build... although the 2nd one is safer: there is one reason that makes the first build worth it: Meteor Strike.

    Meteor strike's base damage modifier is 50/50 physical and magic but if you unlock the passive "Meteor Strike Boost" - it will boost it up to 60/60 with a staff equipped.

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  • RiceMochi

    This is a breakdown of the first mage tree~ enjoy!

    First path: Mage

    Ether BurstCooldown [7 seconds] - Cost [14]  --- Ability Power 70. Damages 1 enemy and its adjacent enemies with magic damage.

    Combo effect: When used after Concentrate, Ability Power increased to 100.

    [Starting Default Skill for any class]

    Questing: 1/5 - Guild Battle: 1/5 Augment: 3/5 - Keymin Reforge: 3/5

    Mochi's Opinion: As you get higher, you will not use this unless it's for augment and keymin quest.


    ConcentrateCooldown [5 seconds] - Cost [0]  --- Increases the effect of the next magic-attack Ability you use by 15%.

    Questing: 0/5 - Guild Battle0/5 Augment: 2/5 - Keymin Reforge: 5/5

    Mochi's Opinion: To be honest, this skill makes me cringe whenever I see people u…

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  • Kason1221

    Here will be a collection of tips and tricks you can use for GvGs, but here's a few goals you should be after:


    If they're on your team, look for the "COM" text on top of their class. If it's there, it means an AI is taking their place due to their absence.

    If they're on an enemy team, take a close look at their actions.

    • Do they chain skills really fast?

    If yes, they're most likely human. The AI in this game have delays between each skill and this prevents them from chaining skills really fast. Also, if they stopped…

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