Frequently Asked Questions Edit

Gameplay Edit

Q: How often do I get AP?

A: 1 AP for every 3 minutes (180 seconds).

Q:How do I change my class?

A: Go to Class and tap the button that says whatever class you want to change to. Changing classes are completely free and revertible!

Technical Edit

Q: Why am I typing in all capitals?

A: This is a current glitch for Android users.  To solve this issue, simply go in to your Android Settings > Language and Input > Android Keyboard Settings (AOSP) [or your custom installed keyboard] > Turn off Auto-capitalization.

UPDATE: Ateam released a patch that fixes the glitch only for the chat-portion of the game. This does not apply to every android device just yet.

Tips and Advice Zone Edit

  • You can change your appearance without switching gear by going to Gear and tap Cosmetics. Show off your style!
  • Mix up abilities from different classes to maximize your potential!
  • Put +'s on your gears to enhance their stats!
  • Participate in guild battles and exchange medals for loot!