Character Leveling Edit

Each time you complete a quest or expedition you will receive EXP.

EXP allows for you to level up within the game, giving you more resources such as Cost, Energy, and Friend counts.

When gaining a level, your Action Points become replenished as well as add in 1 additional Action Point to your maximum quantity.

To view your current level and progress, view the status bars and character portrait at the top of the screen. The amount of EXP needed to reach the next level can also be viewed at the end of each dungeon run.

Gear Leveling Edit

Your gear has a current level, as well as a maximum level. Gear also uses an EXP system, however unlike your character, Gear uses a process called Augmenting. This requires sacrificial items to gain EXP.

To level up your gear, go into the Augment Screen (Gear > Augment), and select the gear you wish to level up, as the base. Press on the "+" Boxes and add gear you are willing to sacrifice to give your weapon EXP.

Once Gear is max leveled, Reforging (if possible) is required to continue leveling the item. Once the item is reforged as much as possible, in most cases, it can be infused to continue leveling for ten (10) more levels.

Gear Maximums are as follows:

  • N Rated: Lv. 10
  • R Rated: Lv. 30
  • SR Rated: Lv.45
  • SSR Rated: Lv. 60
  • UR Rated: Lv. 70

Extra Notes Edit

- When questing, the appearance of Angelmins, Big Angelmins, and Angelmin Kings will give you extra gold and EXP. They will appear with a "Rare Monster!!" pop-up.

- Upon leveling-up during a quest, your max HP is increased and restored to full.