Spawn or Gear Spawn is one of the ways to obtain Gear for players in the game, at the expense of Friend Points or Gems. The amount of Gear obtained may vary depending on the amount of Gems or Friend Points spent. The odds of obtaining each Gear vary and may change periodically.

Most Spawns give players the chance to obtain R-SSR Gear. Certain Spawns contain Items while some special Spawns have the chance to obtain UR Gear. Friend Point Spawns are the only Spawn with N Gear available, while Furniture Spawns only have R and SR Furniture.

Spawn LegendEdit

N Gear R Gear / Furniture SR Gear / Furniture SSR and UR Gear Item
Spawn Crystal-N Spawn Crystal-R Spawn Crystal-SR Spawn Crystal-SSR and UR Spawn Crystal-Item

Extra NotesEdit

  • A-Team recycles spawns every few months or so. Don't fret if you miss a particular spawn; hold onto your gems and wait for it to come back!
  • For almost every new spawn that comes out, players tend to discuss related information in the Unison League Forums (here). If you're wondering whether or not a spawn is worth your gems, take a look at the topics there!
  • Certain events will allow SSR's to spawn from FP; however, this is a rare Spawn that comes only once a year. The SSR's acquired are augment materials (ie: Gear-EXP Limimin King Icon EXP Limimin King)

Current Gear SpawnsEdit

Previous Gear SpawnsEdit

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